The “not little” Black Dress

This morning I woke up to the return of the cold breeze of harmattan. It was cold, dry and it felt good. Again I thought, hmm another opportunity to wear this four year old woolly dress.
I got the dress for the autumn season back in 2012 in the UK and it was really helpful for the cold since then, this dress has been a resident in my wardrobe. As much as I liked it because of its comfort ability, ease of wearing and the stretchy fabric, I couldn’t wear it all the while but then I kept it.
So you can imagine how happy I was when the cold returned this morning. Because I’m working the afternoon shift this week, I decided to dress it casual with some bright colors and easy wear flip flop as it’s natural for the sun to come out bright after the morning cold.
So if you have any dress, top of r outfit you think is too sweaty for Nigeria climate, here’s the time to rock it, a bit of layering is also allowed. Here’s my not little black dress serving as a skirt.

The Big Day Story: Fashion, Day preparation and More.

When you meet the right person, it just feels right. Pray about it, a lot of prayer, put effort, be committed and pray again and always. They say marriage is not easy, the process before marriage is also not all sweet, it’s not at all. For me, i say it starts right when the intention is conceived till the forever you want it to last.
Now to the fashion and style of the day. So many ladies have been asking where this abaya is from, it’s from Dubai! I can’t even remember the name of the store, I just remember it’s a store in Deira market.
I remember walking into the store with my sister without any intent of getting Anything for myself But then this Arab bridal Abaya just happened. I didn’t know what I was buying if for or how I was going to dress it, I just wanted it, my sister cajoled me into buying it and I got it and Yea, it was quite affordable, about a hundred and fifty dirhams (150) That’s like approximately 8000 Nigerian naira.
Now for my family introduction, I wanted an Islamic themed one, modest, classy and just a bit different from the  traditional African headgear and all. Something you don’t wear or see everyday and I remembered I got this abaya from my last trip. Until a day to the first big day Which was Sunday, I didn’t have a scarf to compliment the outfit then a friend suggested “why not just use an inner hijab since the abaya has a cape ? ” my eyes lit up at the idea and I immediately had one Done by my assistant as the old one had worn out.
After that everything just fell into place, except my footwear Which I also got late Saturday evening.
Alhamdulilah, it was successful, fun, the lecture was educating, may Almighty Allah guide us in the line of Islam and help us practice the religion,  amin.

Black And Print

Hello! As I said in my previous post that I got three new sneakers delivered, I got to wear two out of three today after thinking up ways to pair it, black finally came to the rescue.
The second sneakers Which is an animal print also from Nine West, it’s super comfy, soft on the toes with pad stuffed interior, for all day easy walk.

I decided to pair it with black just so to pop the print out and at the same time be edgy. So this maxi palazzo pant did the magic creating a Retro fashion look yet trendy.

And Hey the sun was out!!! Please do like comment and Let me know what you would like to see more. Thank you, xx.