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Palazzo trend is on the rise. It’s safe to say demand for it has increased in recent time and as much as people see it like a modern day fashion trend, it’s actually very vintage.

Personally, I have found solace in palazzo both for formal and non-formal outing. The comfort it gives is of first class. It’s very comfy, easy to wear and also easy to style.

To formalize the palazzo, all it takes is a blazer, jacket or even shirt. Whenever I decide to wear palazzo to work, I pair it with a blazer or a proper corporate shirt and a proper shoe just to formalize it and sincerely it has never failed me.

For a non-formal, more relaxed look, I sometimes and mostly do a body top but recently, I decided to take a risk and leave my comfort zone and for me, it paid off. Apart from the fact that I liked the look, I also loved the feel. Comfort is priority for me when dressing except on rare occasions when girl has to look a little bit extra *wink* we all have that moment we are not comfy but enjoying the glam life. It was not the case for this outfit, I felt very comfortable and relaxed in this long free top paired with my tailor sown palazzo and to top it up, I just put my leg in some easy pam.

Here is the look. Let me know what you guys think in the comment below and let’s connect on my social media platform, remember it takes a village. Love, RAA.