Hi, I’m Rodiyah, a journalist, writer, sister, wife and mum. I like sharing life experiences and ideas, and like I said earlier I’m a writer hence blogging. I’ve been blogging off and on for three years but now I’m back at it in full swing so look forward to a whole lot of relatable lifestyle posts, creative artworks, fashion trends, style inspirations and guide that will brighten up your day.
I recently became a mum which has positively changed my life. In the course of which I wish I knew some things earlier about pregnancy, motherhood and parenting and I can imagine how many women and mum have similar challenges. Because of this I’m adding a motherhood and parenting page to interact and help other mums in that situation the little way that I can.
I welcome ideas and positive vibes so as much as this is a personal blog, I see it like a small community to interact and exchange ideas with you. Thank you, xxo.