Movie day gone wrong: lessons learnt the baby way.

Hmm, so here’s my story….. I’m a movie person, before marriage, i could watch move all through the night till day break, i could and i did. I really enjoyed watching movies and luckily there was always supply of chocolate from family and friends so it just complemented each other. If you know me from way back, you know chocolate was my weakness.

Back to the gist. Unfortunately since Mally’s 4th month of inception i.e since i was 4month pregnant with Mally, i haven’t being to the movies (that was my last time) and that’s about two years now. When i had her, i obviously couldn’t go to the cinema cos i don’t subscribe to taking babies to the cinema (if i had earphones for her, would have been better) and i didn’t want to leave her with anyone (most moms won’t judge me for that decision).

Recently, i decided now that she’s more aware, plays well and more used to the environment, we could go together without a hitch (mo tanra mi * i did myself). So i started saving for the date o, serious savings o cos ko easy (you’d think how much is a movie) wait till you have your priorities set out well.

So yesterday, i called my Mushroom to come home early, checked online for the movie (ocean’s 8) time (5:20pm) and started planning. I included eat out lunch (cos girl got tired of cooking). Hubby had to work late so we had to decide to make lunch later and rush to the cinema, got two tickets for (#2000) a whole 2k o, we entered and settled in then the wahala started……

Firstly, it was like the cinema bought a low quality version of the movie, it wasn’t clear at all then just when hubby and i were whispering about that Uhn, Malika just started crying (apparently, the cinema was too dark and scary for her) i begged her to stop and directed the phone light to my face, she no gree o. I had to quietly walk out and wait a bit. We sat at the ticket point for a while and hubby came saying “I’m not enjoying the movie at all, knowing you guys are outside” i told him not to worry that we’d come in after a while which we did that time she didn’t even take time to cry out loud, i rushed out and that’s how we didn’t see a scene of the movie, 2k fiam, gone.

So i thought let me go to the game arcade, that’s more age appropriate. Uhnnn, ase God was still collecting my sara money, apparently, i haven’t done enough charity in a while. I bought #500 token to ride her on the aqua dragon, my daughter screamed like her village people i had to take her off. Ejo, se koye kin koko test e kin to ra token, iro, mo ma koja aye mi lana o.

That’s how #2500 go o. We went downstairs and her father started throwing her up and down, her laughter was out of this planet (see how, she had fun at no cost).

Then we went to buy Habib yoghurt to console ourselves. Hmm, in fact, it was God’s consolation for us, Malika was licking her cheek, yes her cheek. It was that good. BTW, the Habib yoghurt was just 1k for 1ltr.

I won’t talk about the late lunch which was out dinner but let me just say I’m also going back to my principle of not eating veggies outside my kitchen. I don’t eat salad or veggies in general out. I’m very particular about it and that yesterday just reminded me.

Lessons: 1. Don’t go to the movies with kids under 3 and when they’re 3yrs, don’t take them for adult movie. They’re now very conscious of what they watch.

2. Test everything before doing it. I should have bought one ticket first or done a dark room test for her. Also, i should have put her on the swing before buying tokens at all.

3. Best fun for kids is outdoor in nature. Most artificial play isn’t healthy, they don’t enjoy it and it’s costly.

4. Know what works for you and your family and stick to it.

5. Motherhood might mean sacrificing for years, accept it.

Conclusion/ note to self: no cinema for the next 3yrs for me. Accept it.

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