Anniversary Homemade Dinner: Iftar inspiration

If you follow my instagram page, you’d see that i promised to do a post on this anniversary meal from April, well, i finally did it.

Been meaning to put this up but so many things have been in the way but again, maybe this is the right time as it will come in handy for iftar.

This was originally posted on a vegan food recipe blog but i incorporated my taste into it to enjoy it.

Roasted sweet potato and cucumber

Mashed avocado

Sliced carrot

Efo riro (for a life without pepper is a fragile life)

Roasted sweet potato/cucumber: in order to add some spice, after cutting the potatoes into small sizes, i put it all in a bowl and sprinkled a bit of salt, powdered ginger, garlic, seasoning and mixed it all together.

Laid the oven pan with a foil paper and spread it out on it.

The duration it spends in the oven will be determined by the temperature so check from time to time.

For the cucumber, I’d never roast it again. The taste is awful. I prefer it fresh and raw.

Mashed avocado: slice the avocado and peel away the back, mash it in a bowl with a spoon. You can add salt if you so desire but i like it more without salt.

Every other thing you eat with it depends on your taste bud and appetite. You can have it with some of these options :

1. Fish sauce

2. Egg

3. Stew in egg/fish sauce

4. Sausage

7. Yaji (suya pepper)

How will you enjoy yours? Share with me, i need to try new recipes.

Benefits of this meal method: roasting is more beneficial compared to frying as you do away with oil.

Avocado is a good source of natural fat and it’s full of numerous benefits.

It’s lighter on the body.

It’s less in calories.

P.S: this meal wouldn’t have been nice without the apple drink. It was the icing top.

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