How I met my husband: Anniversary Special.

I was going to share the story of how we met but somehow I didn’t have the time to put it together and also, I don’t know how to write short stories. I tend to write long narrative but today, I’d try to summarize it all.

I met “my mushroom” (in uni) through my very close friend who happens to be his cousin. Though I had noticed him (in 100level) before talking to him and I remember I thought “who’s this igbo guy that thinks he can just walk around anyhow” (later I told myself, I was just beefing unnecessarily, can’t admit it’s a crush).

We however never said hi until 200l when I officially met him through Barry (most of you know Barry, you just don’t know the name). That day Barry wanted to pass an information to him and I was there when he came to see her (she already told me they were cousins and I was most surprised that that Guy!!!!! I always see him like someone I’d never get to talk to) and we said hi (I was cold, can you tell I had a crush) then they started talking and he spoke Yoruba and in my mind I thought “wow, is this guy human?” ( I had earlier thought he isn’t Yoruba, he’s not nice, he doesn’t talk to girls, we can never be friends)

Seriously, I can’t remember how the weeks after that day went and trust me, I really can’t remember who collected numbers and made the first call but we got talking and I’m proud to say I used to call more though he says he calls more.

We got talking a lot and knew each other more. It happened that he was the class rep in his department, always attending class, sits in front roll, good grades and all but your girl was a class stabber (secondary school tradition that didn’t leave me), I sat at the back, always submitting assignment at the exact deadline, no notes (that’s OK, don’t shame me). All these changed because I had to up my game, I had to show I was worthy of our friendship. He’d check to make sure I had done my assignment, I was I’m class and all that.

To cut the long story short, January 2012, towards the end of our third year, we made our intentions known but we were coy about it for a really long time.

Throughout uni days, we were inseparable. He was the shy person, I was the “who cares” person. We totally transformed each other, it was like we were just birthed and really we were. Our lives together was, our relationship was, our love was.

Somehow, along it all, we became a sensation on campus. The rest is history.

What kept all through then till now are very simple.
1. The ultimate: GOD my Rabb forever.
2. Sincerity, truthfulness and openness
3. Communication (extensive communication)
4. LOVE!

Here are some family portraits from this year’s anniversary.

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