Fun kids activity: My impromptu Tea Party

I had this small activity with my little ones since last year but I thought with the holiday coming in and the kids being around, most parents might need some fun activity to do with the kids and this is a good one.

So, here’s the story behind this Tea Party all about my niece Salma.

She’s six years old and it was her dream to have a pretty tea party with all the family members in attendance, including my parents who are her grandparents and mind you, we do not stay in the same city, she expects us all to travel down. She even did a proper invite for the event.

Unfortunately, we could not go but fortunately she came down to Ibadan and stayed with me so I found a really nice way of telling her that I won’t be able to make her pretty girly tea party (which is her first ever party, not even a birthday). She accepted it in good faith and said “awwn, ok let’s have our own here tomorrow”. I thought that’s so much better and it struck me what am I going to do, use, prepare? I didn’t have anything planned prior to this.

Immediately, I started planning in my head all the little cute tea cup I’ve had since way back and all sorts. Also I thought of what could make up the menu and I came up with these:
Tea (of course)
Eggs (scrambled)
Wafers/ biscuit/ shortbread
Some fruits: apple, pear, berries are good ones that will come out colorful (slice them into different shapes and sizes)

These are just few things that I think should help in pulling off a really successful intimate children tea party without breaking the bank.

What are your suggestions, what will you do differently and how will you pull off your child’s tea party. Share your experience or ideas. Here are some pictures from ours based on the things we had available in the house at that particular time.

Remember, you need to let the kid know they are important and their realistic wants can be provided.

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