When I say I don’t want my daughter to go to school till she’s five, I get so many wired look I can’t even begin to describe.

Yes, she’s not going to school till she’s 5yrs and even then I’d still have to see about it because I intend to home school her.

Don’t even let us make this a debate because we all have our different opinions on diverse issues. Now, if you choose not to home school your child, it doesn’t make you less of a parent of course not and it doesn’t mean your child won’t turn out just as good considering most of us did, same goes for me who’s opting for homeschooling.

Now, let me mention some of the reasons I opted to home school which BTW, I’ve had in mind even before I had my child. First is I’ve never liked the idea of school at least considering the education system we operate here. It’s too rigid, theoretical, expensive, not creative, limited among others. I’d break it down in the most concise way.

Let me first talk about the curriculum, yes I can talk about it because I have a copy of the Nigeria preschool curriculum and I’m sorry to those that worked tirelessly on it, it’s not good enough. Nothing on character building and development, nothing on morals and religious knowledge, nothing on history, geography and the likes and no, they’re not to small to learn all these.

Secondly, it’s the most rigid and theoretical curriculum, I bet all these private Montessori schools don’t make use of it or maybe they actually do because I visited some and they only make use of these Montessori ready made activity models without researching about the objectives behind Lady Montessori’s method of teaching and other things that should be used as a teaching tool.

Also, is it just me or these “good” private schools are just very, too expensive? A school year old moving from kindergarten to preschool now graduates which is OK but me as a parent has to pay for it? Whattttt???!!! Why na? I visited one and the fee for my 1yr old is almost #150,000 and I couldn’t see what they were offering.

Also, the time these children spend in a formally arranged serious class is too much, so I’d just pass on schooling formally till she’s five and if then my I’m still not impressed, we’d continue with the homeschooling (God help us).

So, I researched, I read, made enquiries and did all I could and came up with my curriculum and time table so by God’s grace, we start in September the Montessori way, the practical way, the reviewed way.

Want to see a summary behind why I’m doing this? This is my why.

“I started this project to redefine academics. To fill the lapses in our early childhood education system which limits learning to a one way, never reviewed curriculum. To prove that ABCs and 123s are not a determinant of a child’s abilities nor potentials. I started this so that the early childhood education my child receives will not kill her talents, dreams and abilities before she even discovers them. To teach that morals, character development, passion, good cultural, religious social and life values are major factors that moulds an individual and contributes majorly to the success of her life. I started this to teach not just academics but life education and to teach it at an early stage, to lay a foundation.”

P.S: I want my daughter to socialize while she’s getting the best education I can give her so if you have children her age (by September 1yr 7mos) please feel free to ask about my curriculum so they can join the learning process. Thanks.