How to make stew under #1000.

It occurred to me recently that I do most of my things on budget; shopping, planning an event, buying food/ groceries and many more and I’m proud that I do. I mean, it saves a whole lot of money and regardless of how “boxed up” you are, we can all use some extra and save some more.

I was going to do some shopping and cooking for the week and I realized that like I always do I was doing it on a budget so why not share with you guys so I did a poll of which to do; stew/ soup under #500 or under #1000 and it was a close call so I’d just put you through how I do the two. Now let me mention that location matters. What I get in Ibadan for #100 might be #500 in Abuja but this should be under normal circumstances and also go for budget buying.

For #1000 stew:
Pepper: tomatoes, rodo (red pepper) onions #200. I don’t use tatase (bell peppers) or bawa (chilli peppers) and the likes that’s why I didn’t include it, I really do not know what their essence is.

Beef: #500 standard five hundred Naira meat will be cut into five moderate size pieces, over time I’ve come to realize that. If it’s not up to five, you’ve been cheated, I get up to six pieces sometimes.

Ponmo or Egg: I usually have this in my stew just for additional protein which is #100. I make the egg into egg cheese, it’s a recipe that has become a tradition since uni days, many people are familiar with it, if not, I’d drop the how to here.

Seasoning: salt, spices #100. I don’t even exhaust that for spice, two cubes will do except for extra one for cooking the beef.
So cook the beef and remember to save the stock (omi eran) mind you, wash the beef with salt.

For Egg cheese, break three eggs into a bowl, add salt, spice and onions if desired, whisk well, pour it in a nylon and boil (I’m still looking for other methods to boio without nylon, I don’t really like the nylon idea). When it’s boiled, cut into desired sizes.

Put the pepper on fire, add salt, seasoning and oil, leave to boil for about five minutes, add your meat and stock, let it cook for another two minutes then add the egg cheese and leave to cook for one minute.

Your stew is ready for some clean white rice and dodo.

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