Timeliness; One of the realities of life – Agbalumo Lessons of season.

I was driving through the market sometime last week and I saw mango on sale. And I thought WOW! Already when some people are still waiting for rain to fall on agbalumo so it will be sweet to consume and it made me think so many things;

Some people are still waiting for a heavy downpour to ripen agbalumo so it will be sweet and I’m already seeing mango gradually coming into market. Before you know it agbalumo will be off and these set of people will not have enjoyed it’s unpredictable sweet and sour goodness till next year.

This sounds like a foodie, season and fruit talk but really it’s more about LIFE, OPPORTUNITIES, TIMING, RISKS, ATTEMPT, DREAM, TRIAL and any other related issue.

Truth is there’s never ever enough time, resources, materials, money or what have you to start that business, that dream, that project, what you have always wanted to do but you should start.

Because just like the agbalumo, you never enjoy the goodness that comes with the hustle until you start. You never know if it will be sweet or sour until you open it up. We tend to look at how ripen it is to predict it taste but it does not always apply. The same thing with project, you never know how great it will be until you start and if you want to say what if it’s like the agbalumo that will end up being sour, then close your eyes and chew it till it turns to “agbalumo chewing gum”; The lessons you learn from your trial version is your reward now use it to try again and be successful.

Let me break this down a bit, you’re thinking what if I fail, what if I run at a loss, what if it doesn’t work out, what if people don’t embrace it? BUT, what if you succeed, what if you make a big profit, realise your capital and make some more, what if it works perfectly fine, what if people say wow it’s so nice, oh mine you’re so good, you did great?

Photo Credit: @meedah_

The thing is you will never know all these if you’re waiting for a perfect season, because no season is perfect so you’d eventually miss agbalumo and you’d watch others enjoy it’s sweetness because they tried and you will say things like; and I like agbalumo o, in my house they call me the queen of agbalumo and I almost tried to take it o. All those sounds like regret and it’s worst than failure because with failure you have a chance to look back, re-strategise, reinforce and win at it.

Make agbalumo chewing gum with it so when they’re saying “oh I took a lot of agbalumo last season” you can say “ah I did too, in fact i made chewing gum out of the sour ones”
That means you made use of your opportunity when you had it and even the hard times, you learnt from it and got better.

Don’t wait for a heavy downpour, make great use of the light showers. You’d never be this young and active with so much energy again, don’t waste your youth.

Agbalumo is almost gone; taste its sweetness before you have to wait another season. This is your season and mine. I’ve enjoyed agbalumo, ready to munch on some good ogbomoso mango (if you understand this post you’d know what i mean.

That person you see as good and doing it is just as normal as you, it just looks extraordinary and impossible because you’ve not met them. It is time to be the one they want to meet, it’s time to live your dream, it’s time to do what they say is impossible because the only thing impossible is what has not been thought of or said. You’re limitless, only you can do what you have in mind, nobody else so please give us a bit of you.

I’m about to be me, BE more. You’re not ready for me, I’m not the regular. I make use of every season and I enjoy the sweetness. You should too.

Thanks to those that supported this post; Sekinat Sanni and Meedah.

Agbalumo photo credit: @meedah_

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