Family Picnic at the Park: A Bonding Therapy. 

Wheww…what a day. It’s been a very busy day, it started on a high note with the overnight showers of rain and hubby surprised me (I was genuinely surprised) with nice breakfast in bed which BTW, is a story for another day. 
All through the week, I’ve been planning a weekend date because we haven’t gone on any since we became a family of three (not that we used to do it all datey datey if there’s anything like that but we just like to dedicate time for ourselves asides work and home things) I had movie in mind because Ofcos we have to get on the #blackpanther wagon and mind you, we’ve not been to the movies for over a year. So I picked the one showing for 4pm but we changed plans early this morning because we’re not really ready to take Malika to the movie and we’re also not ready to be away from her (we both decided that) so we agreed that we’d have to wait a bit for out #wakanda trip hence, the picnic/lunch outing.

For a regular picnic, you’d think fruits which isn’t bad considering watermelon, pineapple, agbalumo, mango and so on are in season, juice, toast, fresh flowers but we had missed lunch and picnic was an impromptu plan so I prepared some naija jollof with fried meat in sauce added toast, ice cold drink and off to lunch at the park (the three musketeers).

We got there, put out our things and went straight into the food, good thing we were starving but we didn’t forget the important thing *family picnic = family bonding*. We talk over “piclunch”, what we are thankful for in each other, what we appreciate, what we’re sorry about, what we want to work on and it was a good time, luckily Malika was enjoying the serenity so she didn’t disturb except ofcos for the food.Edit
  At the end, hubby thought we should make this act a family tradition and do it once in a while which I totally love. Tell me something better than going out to enjoy nature; eating with loved ones while doing it.

So, if you’ve been looking for that one thing to include in your family tradition, it should be a weekend evening picnic at the park. It’s relaxing and tranquil. Pack some fruits, drinks, food, sandwich, books and toys for the kids and YES! DROP YOUR PHONE, we didn’t do anything on our phones all through except take pictures. Don’t forget to talk while on it, nothing serious just things you’re thankful for, appreciations and acknowledgement.
Let me know your thoughts and comments. Thank you 

11 thoughts on “Family Picnic at the Park: A Bonding Therapy. 

  1. Great dear. Spending time with our family increases the bond and love. We go on dates but never had a picnic. Will give it a shot. Jazakumlaukhayran

  2. Really nice idea, I think it’s high time we started our picnic but the meal aspect will always delay is ooo. BTW what park is this please?!

  3. Really nice idea, I think it’s high time we started our picnic but the meal aspect will always delay is ooo. BTW what park is this please?!

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