We all know how important it’s to stay hydrated especially kids with all those “fat burning energy consuming, fast dehydration running around”. The truth is, most kids don’t like to drink except it’s soda, juice or sweetened water so here are practical ways I’ve gotten my niece and nephew to drink more water. 

Tell them the importance
: like I said we all know the importance of drinking water so it makes sense to let them know as well. Tell them if they play around so much they need water in order not to faint due to dehydration it’s scary but true.

Customised Cup/Bottle
: get each child a cute mobile cup or bottle that has their name or name alphabet on it and call it “Aisha’s water cup”. This tells them they’re special and trust me they’d want to carry it around, all you have to do is make sure it’s always filled. Check @thegiftsource on ig, they have a wide range of pretty and creative water bottles and I love them. Kids will definitely like it. 

Don’t over do it:
as much as you want to get them to drink water, don’t overwhelm them by getting a BIG cup or bottle and fill it all up, no. Get a moderate sized one and fill it with a reasonable litre that they’d most likely finish before the end of school day. You don’t want you kid coming back with almost filled cup saying “but mum it was too much”.

Add lemon
: some people just don’t drink water except they just finished eating and there are kids like that too. Add a bit of lemon to their water to give it taste. If your child likes lemon flavored water, tell him he’d get more lemon flavored water if he drinks a cup of ordinary water.

Let them play it out: let them play away without water and come back dehydrated and tell them they need to drink water more so the have enough in the water bank in his body, that way he won’t come dried out needing water so bad. 

Give it time: after telling him in a very creative manner why water is important, give him time to understand it. Don’t get angry that he doesn’t get it, some adult don’t till today, so Keep trying, keep telling him, keep giving water till he gets it.

Will you give this a trial? Let me know how it works out. And yeah, how have you gotten your little ones to cultivate the water habit, share with me please. Thank you. 


  1. Great post 👌🏼
    Tried almost the same method with my nephew, we would add some drops of Ribena into his cup and when he sees you do that, he wants to drink what’s in the cup not knowing there’s water in there and we’re just adding few drops of the Ribena to get him to drink water. Tricked him but it worked well!

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