Being a mum is a beautiful thing with a lot of work. It’s a full time job on its own that sometimes and most times sweep you off your feet.

For a first time mum, it’s a whole new adventure, task, responsibility and lots more. I remember when I was pregnant with my first I totally forgot what my normal day was like. On becoming a mum, everything completely changed and I had to readjust to the new life but it was not as easy as I’m typing now.

Because of how I felt at that time and I know how overwhelming it could be especially when you don’t have help around, I’ve summarised below how you can get back to a normal everyday routine, while enjoying the best hood (motherhood). 

Get well first: nine months and delivery is no joke, it’s a life changing experience so you want to put efforts in taking care of your health and getting back on your feet. Get all the rest you can, you’d need it for your new life.

Let people help you: it’s not so easy to assign duties to other people especially when you’re a fan of getting things done yourself and I can totally relate with that. However, little things like doing the dishes, grocery shopping and some other small errands should be left for relatives who volunteer to help. You can also enjoy extra time doing nothing but just staring at your new baby.

Get on the same page with your partner: one of the best help you’d get is your partner’s considering you have him around longer than any other person (for full time partners and normal couples). Let your partner know where you need his help (politely and respectfully) and you’d be surprised at how helpful they can be. Give advance notice so he can also plan his day putting you and your needs into consideration.

Plan ahead: always plan your day a night before. This will help you manage your time better and achieve more. Make a to-do list and follow it well. Remember, your baby is still in hibernation mode (mostly asleep) so make good use of this period and always include rest time in your to-do.

Make meal plans: this is the time to have a meal time table for the week. It’s enough work managing a family, you don’t want “I don’t know what to cook” be another burden to think about. Make a time table, have your partner or a relative pick some things up from the market and pre cook what ever can be and store in the refrigerator. You like fresh food? You’d have freshly made food when you get a hang of motherhood, for now, precook and storage will suffice.

Follow routine: most times, you have a series of tasks for a day, so keep noting it, keep making a to-do list and follow it well, you’d be used to it in no time and it becomes normal.

I hope this article helps in my own little way. It takes a village and I’m in your village. Please let me know what you think. Thank you

P.S: enjoy the moment, you’d only be a new/firat time mum for a short while and that baby won’t be a baby forever so live the moment.