Growing up I really admired foreign architecture, I still do and one physical thing that I observed which is common is that they have open plan. An open plan is where the sitting room, dining room and kitchen are joined together in an open space. You’d see what that looks like as you read on. 
Now, most architect and designers that I have worked with usually tell me we can’t have that in African homes because we don’t want guests to see and know what is going on in our kitchen. After so much searching, asking questions, checking out designs and meeting designers, I finally found a way around it: POCKET DOORS.

Pocket doors are usually sliding doors

that extends from the ceiling to the floor,
they sometimes are done to fit into walls and can open up to create an illusion of an empty space that doesn’t have any demarcation.

Pocket doors are perfect for open plan which can be either between the sitting room and dining or between kitchen and dining. Here are some examples from HOUZZ. What do you think? Do you like an open plan and will you give it a try?