Upon the birth of your baby or few days after birth, you might notice some rashes on him/her, this rashes usually look like heat rashes and mostly grandmas and other well wishers will tell you to apply powder, ointment and the likes but there isn’t a need to especially when you’re sure it’s not heat rashes but MILIA!

I experienced it will M and now it’s gone and she has beautiful skin. I didn’t use anything. Read till the end to know what I did.

Milia almost always resolve on their own without treatment but there are some measures you can take when you see it.

1. Don’t press them: don’t attempt to burst the blister like rash. It’s tempting but don’t, it hurts the baby.

2. Don’t rub hard: don’t rub clothes, towel, or anything harsh material on the baby. Dab them when bathing or clothing them.

3. Don’t apply powder: it’s not heat rashes so don’t use powder. Even when it’s heat rashes avoid powder as it has a substance that can choke babies.

Note that as the milia is clearing off, it will peel in order to make a new fresh and healthy skin so don’t be alarmed. It’s just dead skin cells trapped in that is trying to break out and make way for new ones.

If it last longer than a month, see you paediatrician or dermatologist.

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P.S: it takes a village.