So Habiba Da Silva aka Lifelongpercussion just launched her new, anticipated line called “Habiba Da Silva- SKIN” and I’m blown at how well she kept it hidden and how wonderfully people responded to the campaign as two of the scarf type (Ruskhsati & Aroosadda) is now sold out.

Firstly, I didn’t have a clue what it was about but she definitely got me with the campaign which had me follow the new page immediately, couple of weeks ago when she started raising our curiosity. Then I thought could it be a makeup line? Then it struck me “oh it should be an awareness campaign on how to live together in unity cos it shouldn’t be a scarf line, that would be too easy”.

Right now as I sit down in front of my computer I tell myself as much as this is a revenue generating scarf line which most people would see and which is the obvious, to me, this is a campaign of celebration of colour, racial equality and gender awareness.

Don’t forget Habiba was an English major as an undergrad and she was on the creative path and still is anyways. She showed this in the names given to each scarf as they are marriage terms and we all know marriage is the coming together of two entities (union, togetherness, unity) name it, this again signifies her campaign of unity. Well done girl!!!

Personally, I’m proud and really happy that Habibah has used her social media presence to launch not only a line but a campaign to say everyone is equal and in my own words “every person matter, regardless of the skin type”.

Consciously or unconsciously, everybody that purchased the scarf, yet to purchase it, followed the campaign page, follows “lifelongpercussion” has and will learn one or more things from her message and like I said earlier one of my first thoughts was “oh it’s an awareness campaign on how to live together in unity” which of course to me, it.