Can we all take a moment to throw it back to all the time Basma K rocked our world with neutral outfits and ensembles? It’s been a long time we’ve been watching that space on instagram (since 2013) and we all would admit that our likeness for neutral combo has grown over time because every time we see that neutral outfit post we want to rock it.

As much as we have our favorite looks of Basma’s neutral combo, some of us would admit there were some times we didn’t get the WOW factor.

Going through the almost 900 picture post was a fun thing for me and it would surprise you that as much as Basma likes neutrals (obviously) and as much as we think half of her posts are made up of neutral outfit pictures, its only about 30, YES! About 30 outfits in neutrals and trust most of them were on point (most).

Following this trend back to 2013, we’d all agree Basma’s style has grown over the years as her style has become more sophisticated but ladies, get used to the “Basma K hijab style” that, has definitely come to stay.

In order not to bore you, as this post should be more of pictures, these are throwback pictures of when Basma has rocked our world with neutral ensembles and hey ……there’s a style inspo for everyday of the week. Enjoy!